Areas of Repair after Skin Cancer Removal

Through a principled yet creative approach, Dr. Collar is able to restore normalcy and balance for nearly all patients. See how it can work in the examples below – some are Mohs repairs, and some are more advanced. Filter by area on the face, or simply view all for the complete picture.

Diagnosed with Skin Cancer?

When it comes to facial skin cancer, Dr. Collar often works with a Mohs Surgeon to optimize your outcome.

Here is how it works:

  1. Consult with Dr. Collar before the cancer is removed – We will discuss the most likely options to restore your facial feature and review pictures of patients just like you. You will leave with a personalized plan and all of your questions answered.
  2. Mohs Surgery – Mohs Surgery is a technique to remove your cancer while preserving as much normal facial tissue as possible. Your Mohs Surgeon will remove your facial cancer using local anesthesia, and then assure no cancer cells are left behind using in-office microscopic evaluation. You may need a couple “passes” to fully clear the cancer, but once it’s gone, the odds of recurrence are only about one in thousand!
  3. The defect – Now you have a facial defect where the cancer used to be. We have found patients are sometimes surprised by the size and depth of these defects. Invariably the cancer is more than we can see with the naked eye.
  4. The repair – After your cancer removal, Dr. Collar will be waiting for you to perform your plastic surgery repair either in his office or a local surgery center. By using adjacent skin or spare tissues from elsewhere in the body, we are able to restore normalcy and balance for almost all of our patients. You are in good hands. And don’t worry, this type of plastic surgery is covered by almost every insurance carrier.