Smile Again with Facial Reanimation Treatment

We believe that people with facial paralysis deserve to look and feel beautiful. Dr. Collar has committed much of his technical career to creating solutions for people with this complex condition. We offer a full array of treatments available at select institutes nationwide, ranging from microsurgery, nerve transfers, muscles transplants, tendon transfers, facelifts and more  to restore your face, your smile, and your confidence.

Smile Surgery for Facial Paralysis

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“Reversible” facial paralysis 

Reversible facial paralysis means that we are able to recharge your normal facial muscles to smile again using “spare” but active motor nerves in your face such as the masseteric or hypoglossal nerves. The benefit for you is a relatively simple approach to regaining some of your smile function.

“Irreversible” facial paralysis 

Irreversible facial paralysis means that even if we were supply new nerve power to your smile muscles, they would not move again due to the time course of the paralysis. So in these cases we transfer new, “spare” muscles from your temple or your leg so you can smile again. This may mean a little more work and recovery for us, but the end game is the same: regained symmetry and smile.

Other Treatments for Facial Paralysis

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Treatments for complete eye closure

We will often place small platinum weights beneath the eyelid skin to assist eye closure – protecting the eye is very important in facial paralysis. In some cases we must also reposition the lower eyelid as well to restore symmetry and protect the eye.

Injections to stop squinting around the eyes or tight neck contractions

Dysport or Botox injections are very effective in treating synkinesis that is related to incomplete facial nerve recovery after various surgeries or Bells Palsy. These injections can prevent the eye from closing shut when you smile, or the neck from feeling tight throughout the day. We also use these injections to fine tune your facial symmetry.

Surgery to improve nasal breathing problems related to paralysis

Functional nasal surgery (external valve reconstruction) is very useful to support the nostril and limit collapse when inhaling that is very common in facial paralysis.

Lifts for sagging cheek, lids, brows or jowl caused by paralysis

Sometimes we simply need to use a “lift”. Much like those techniques used in aesthetic surgery, we will reach for facelift, midface lift, blepharoplasty, and brow lift to maximize your outcome.

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