About the practice

There is no part of the body that is more oneself than the face.

When a facial feature has been disfigured by cancer, traumatic injury, Bell’s Palsy, or a problematic past cosmetic procedure, we are here to help restore your normalcy and your confidence.

Our practice cares for individuals from near and far with issues ranging from the simple through highly complex. We are completely dedicated to plastic surgery of the nose and face, and have come to intimately understand its form, function and movement.

While we have a special focus on nasal reconstruction and Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) treatment, we have an inclusive approach to patient care — we will often take on the complex facial surgeries other practices won’t attempt.

For every patient we open up our complete array of techniques, from cosmetic surgery through microsurgical reconstruction. It is our understanding of both facial aesthetics and facial function thats helps us uniquely restore your normalcy and beauty.

Above all, our vocation is about people, and we feel truly privileged to work together with our patients to achieve their goals. We treat our patients like family.

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When it comes to Facial Surgery, we want you to see the full picture. Some of these images are graphic in nature, but represent the reality of authentic facial reconstruction. If you'd rather review with Dr. Collar, please set up a free consultation here.